12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (2023)

12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (1) 60 days ago

12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (2) Garima Content Writer

12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (3)

Are you looking for the best suit brands to be worn at the office, or maybe at a function , or an event? If yes, then I have got you covered. I have brought you a list of 12 Top Mens Suit Brands In India that you can check out in this article, and find a perfect suit for yourself according to the occasion.

Suits are always the first choice to wear among men around the world. Suits help to look excellent, masculine impressions and stand out from the crowd.In corporate, suits work as a dressing sense which makes you different from others. The suit is made up of a measured garment to fit each customer individually but also refers to complete customization by choice of fabric, lining, buttons, etc.

There are different types of fabric that are used to make suits such as,poly-cotton, pure cotton, polyester, terylene & Rayon, linen, woolen blends, etc.

You can also check the best perfumes for men in India.

Take a look at these top men's suitbrands and choose the best according to your style and budget.

12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (4)

Table of Contents

  • 1.List of Top 12Suit Brands in India
    • Review of Best Suit Brands for Men in India 2022
    • 1. Raymond
    • 2. Blackberrys
    • 4. Digjam
    • 5. Allen Solly
    • 6. Wills Lifestyle
    • 7. Louis Philippe
    • 8. Siyaram
    • 9. Zodiac
    • 10. Van Heusen
    • 11.Arrow
    • 12.Park Avenue
    • Top 10 Blazer Brands in India
  • 2.Conclusion
    • Questions You May Have

List of Top 12Suit Brands in India

Here is a detailed review of the Best suit brands Every man should Knowand the reason why you should choose them.


Suit Brands In India

Year of Foundation








Reid & Tailors






Allen Solly



Wills Lifestyle



Louis Philippe









Van Heusen






Park Avenue


Review of Best Suit Brands for Men in India 2022

Here is a detailed review of the top bestsuit brands in India (2022)and the reason why you should choose them.

1. Raymond

12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (5)

Raymond is the top of all the apparel rankings. The company has been in the market since 1925 and the currently Mr. Gautam Singhania, managing the whole Raymond Ltd.

Raymond was also listed as India ‘s most trusted apparel brand by the Brand Trust Report in the year 2015. The brand owns more than 600 exclusive and 4000 multi-brand outlets with over 30000 retailers in more than 150 cities in India.

They stand among the most respected brands in India for appareland one of the Best Suits for men in India 2022

Why You Should Choose Raymond Over Others

  • They never compromise with the quality of their product.

  • Raymond suits start from 5000 onwards.

  • Raymond is the world’s biggest manufacturer of fabric.

2. Blackberrys

12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (6)

Blackberrys was founded 25 years back by Mohan brothers in the bylanes of Chandni Chowk. The brand has grown in the market, especially for the occasion, worn over the years. It is the most innovative and value for money style suits in the market.

It has multiple exclusive stores and many retailers shop in the market. The company has a large variety of suits available in stores and online portals. It is one of the best men's suits brands in India.

Why You Should Choose Blackberrys Over Others

  • Blackberrys is also known for the best blazer brand in India as they have multiple varieties.

  • Blackberry is the first choice for middle and upper-middle-class families, as the price range starts from 3000 with good quality.

  • The brand also has many other products like t-shirts, jeans, etc.

3. Reid & Taylor

12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (7)

Reid & Taylor had a history back over 170 years. Mainly the business is still operated from the birthplace Langholm in the Scottish borders. The brand offers a large variety of suits that cater to your sartorial pleasure.

The Kumars have acquired the right to manufacture and market the brand in India since 1998. The brand has a variety of designer and luxury suits; in fact; this is one of the Best suit brands in India for men currently.

The brand is endorsed by the living legend actor, Amitabh Bachan.

Why You Should Choose Reid & Taylor Over Others

  • The brand is known for the best formal suits in India.

  • Reid & Taylor win many awards for their designer suits.

  • They have a large variety of fabric.

4. Digjam

12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (8)

The Digjam brand has been in the market for over 60 years with its significant presence. The brand is fully operated from Jamnagar, Gujarat, most of the machinery is imported from Switzerland, Italy, and France. They are already producing high-quality fabric for better output.

The brand is very well-known for providing a high-quality product in the domestic market. They have a selected category for the luxury edition, Platinum line, Italo Ferretti, Charm, Kings Collection, and many more. They also launched their Shirt brand called Digjam Camicia.Digjam is the Top best men suit brands in India

Why You Should Choose Digjam Over Others

  • The retail price range starts from 6000 onwards.

  • They have a special edition for winter collection.

  • Foreign countries appreciate the quality and design, so they are exporting to the UK, Germany, and Italy.

5. Allen Solly

12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (9)

Madura fashion and lifestyle, a significant division of Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited. Formally known as Pantaloons, one of the largest and fastest-growing brands in apparel in India with a premium lifestyle partner Allen Solly.

Allen Solly was founded in 1744 by William Holin. Allen Solly’s suit is available in different types like Notch, Shawl, Paper rolls, Lapels, and many more to look you dashing in their apparel. The brand also carries a dandy fashionable look in almost every suit. Allen Solly almost tops the Best suit for Men 2022

Why You Should Choose Allen Solly Over Others

  • People get attracted to their multi-brand fashion outlets everywhere in India.

  • They are providing quality and designer suits in a very affordable range.

  • They have a massive collection of apparel for children and ladies in their outlets.

6. Wills Lifestyle

12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (10)

The Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Line is managed by Rohit Gandhi, Rahul Khanna, and Monisha Jaising. ITC is an Indian company, ITC sells Wills Lifestyle and John players Brand products in the market.

Wills Lifestyle was becoming the superbrand in the sector of apparel and awarded in 2012 for it by Economic Times. It is a premium wardrobe for both men and women with a massive range of designer wears.They are one of the Best men’s suit brands in India 2022

Why You Should Choose Wills Lifestyle Over Others

  • A wide variety is available for designer suits.

  • Their prior focus is to provide comfort to customers.

  • They have a premium collection, so the range starts from 6000 onwards.

7. Louis Philippe

12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (11)

Louis Philippe is also a part of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle and a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited.

Louis Philippe is another one of the premium brands from the Aditya Birla Group. The brand has a wide range of apparel that offers menswear garments like, formals, semi-formals, men accessories, and customized clothing. Louis Philippe is also famous for its luxury blazers.

Why You Should Choose Louis Philippe Over Others

  • It has a significant variety of designers and luxury blazers and provides the best blazers in India.

  • The brand mostly deals in premium suits, so the price range starts from 7000 onwards.

  • They also deal with customized suits according to customer demand.

8. Siyaram

12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (12)

Siyaram has been in business for the last 30 years as Siyaram Silk Mills Limited. The brand was incorporated in1978, Headquartered in Lower Parel Mumbai. Siyaram is committed to providing world-class fabrics to fashion trendsetters. The company is nearby producing 50 million metres of cloth on an annual basis.

The fabric and fashion are winning customer hearts from over the years. They are offering a sophisticated range of men’s suits. Which are much more economical and fashionable. Suits are made with superior quality yarns and polyester, which is processed to inspire and dress you like a style icon.

Why You Should Choose Siyaram Over Others

  • Siyaram is one of the most fashionable brands in the Indian market.

  • They aim to produce differently from other brands.

  • The price range is economical and starts from 4000 onwards.

9. Zodiac

12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (13)

Zodiac is the 61-year-old brand founded by M.Y Noorani, the Chairman of the brand. They are keen to do excellent tailoring to carry their sartorial legacy for men. The brands owned nearly 1500 independent stores across India.

Zodiac is also growing internationally for their style and creativity. They have mainly focused on men suits segments and creativity in this area.

Why You Should Choose Zodiac Over others

  • The brand is mainly focusing on Men’s suits.

  • They have a unique design and fabric quality.

  • They have the collection for safari suits too, and the price range starts from 5000 onwards.

10. Van Heusen

12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (14)

Van Heusen is an international brand founded in 1881 in the USA. In 2013, the rights of the brand were sold to Aditya Birla Group with the name of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle. From there onwards, it's an Indian brand.

The Suits of the VanHeusen is majorly designed and for occasional wear. They have a variety of products for men to boys and children. They strictly believe in high-end style.

Why You Should Choose VanHeusen Over others


12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (15)

Arrow is one of the famous brands in the Indian market that has a wide range of clothing and other accessories. The brand is well known for its traditional American design and they majorly cover formal clothing but they have also covered the portfolio in athletics

It is one of the top best suit brands in India that meet the style, especially for the young people of India. The brand has a diverse range of men’s, women’s and children’s clothes and accessories. Arrow clothing is quite expensive.

12.Park Avenue

12 Top Mens Suit Brands in India (2022) - Review and Compare (16)

Park Avenue is owned by an Indian brand that is one of the largest fabric exporters, Raymond and they are one of the leading brands in India.

Park Avenue has a diverse range of distribution channels with more than 650+ store or outlet stores.

Top 10 Blazer Brands in India

Are you a Blazer lover? Here we are sharing the list of 10 blazer brands with the best Blazers in India.

Top 10 Blazers Brands in India


Park avenue


Hugo Boss


Monteil and Munero Blazers


Ralph Lauren


Arrow Blazers


Parx Blazers


SuitLtd Blazer


Mast & Harbour


Jack & Jones


Canary London Blazer


This review is done with some necessary information on the top suits brands in India. All these brands are already on the top of fabric producing and providing the best product to their customers. We also believe that every brand has its own potential to reach the top. To summarize I can say that, these brands have a massive variety for designers, luxury, fashionable and customized suits with different fabrics, and that is why they are the Top best men’s suit brands in India 2022.

If you find the above article informative. Do acknowledge us in the comment section below. Also, do not forget to share this article with your family friends.

Questions You May Have

Q. Which suit brand is best in India?

A. All the above mentioned suit brands are best. I have mentioned the special features of all of them. You can choose the one that suits you in terms of budget and availability.

Q. Which brand is best for men suit?

A.Raymond, Blackberry's, Siyaram, all of them are the most popular men’s suit brands in India. Along with them, there are many more which you can check out in this article.

Q. How much suits cost in India?

A.If you buy a good quality suit, it would cost between Rs. 15,000 - 5,000. It is an average number. Cost of the men’s suit in India varies with different brands and the quality of fabric used.

Q. Who is the famous suit designer?

A.There are many famous suit designers out there.Coco Chanel being the most recognised in the business. She is known for her unique and creative designs.

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