Best Japanese Suit Brands 2022 - Japan Venge (2023)

Men’s clothing is indispensable for men, but have you ever wondered which men’s clothing company sells the most and is popular?

This time, we will introduce the top 9 Best Japanese Suit Brands that can cater to any of your suit needs!

Popular Japanese Suit Brands for Men

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9th place: Ginza Yamagataya

Best Japanese Suit Brands 2022 - Japan Venge (1)

Ginza Yamagataya Co., Ltd. is a clothing store holding company headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

They are a long-established tailor with over 100 years of history, inheriting history and tradition, and tailoring men’s and women’s custom-made suits that incorporate the trends of the times at domestic factories.

Tailor, which started in Ginza, has now expanded to 30 locations nationwide, including Tokyo and Osaka.

8th place: Only

Best Japanese Suit Brands 2022 - Japan Venge (2)

Only Co., Ltd. is located in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto. It is a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange that manufactures and retails men’s clothing, mainly business suits.

With brands such as “ONLY”, ” The@SUPER SUITS STORE”, and “She loves SUITS”, they have about 60 stores nationwide.



The@SUPER SUITS STORE is a suit shop targeting businessmen aged 25 to 35 who opened the first store in Hibiya, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo in October 1999.

Under the concept of “providing low-priced, highly sensitive, and high-quality business wear,” it is a popular brand that sells ready-made products at a uniform two-price price.


In September 1996, INHALE+EXHALE opened its first store in Rokko Island, Higashinada Ward, Kobe City, targeting businessmen aged 30-40.

Tailor Made by KOICHI NAKANISHI is a unique Only Co., Ltd. brand that offers 200 types of materials, 4 types of jacket styles, 17 types of linings, pocket designs, etc.


SUITS&SUITS is an outlet shop that sells products that have been in stock for two years at The@SUPER SUITS STORE and INHALE+EXHALE.

The subsidiary Only Rental Co., Ltd. manages the stores and currently has 12 stores nationwide.

7th Place: Yamaki

Best Japanese Suit Brands 2022 - Japan Venge (3)

Yamaki Co., Ltd. is a general apparel manufacturer with the top domestic market share for men’s business shirts and cutter shirts.

As a leading manufacturer of dress shirts, they have sold more than 10 million pieces a year and have a market share of over 20% in Japan. The shirts produced by Yamaki are sold in almost all shirt sales areas such as mass retailers, department stores, and men’s clothing stores nationwide.


Yamaki of the shirt

Yamaki of dress shirts is a popular brand that offers a wide variety of shirts, from business shirts to women’s shirts and casual shirts.


An original label developed by Yamaki, it is Japan’s first specialty store for high-quality shirt styles based on a wealth of experience and technology.

Lewis & Clark, limited production of various one-of-a-kind dress shirts such as jacquard, lace, and liberty print.

Yamaki, a manufacturer specializing in fabric shirts that produces more than 10 million pieces a year, is produced at a factory in Japan, and you can get his stylish and unique Biz casual dress shirt that you can’t get anywhere else.

CHOYA shirt

Characterized by the quality and attention to detail that has been passed down since 1874, this store specializes in department store dress shirts.

Recommended to those who are looking for high-quality shirts for adults, from department store brands “Apollocot”, “Lanvin”, “Lordson” to “Lenoma”.

With more than 130 years of experience, CHOYA shirts support the updating of your business life with our particular quality and product lineup, abundant sizes, and overwhelming comfort.

6th Place: Taka:Q

Best Japanese Suit Brands 2022 - Japan Venge (4)

A company that sells miscellaneous goods and has a capital and business alliance with Aeon Co., Ltd.

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A major men’s clothing company with a total of 299 stores, centered on the main brand “TAKA:Q”.



It is popular for its reliability, cleanliness, freshness, favorability, and presence as work clothes that draw attention to suits that raise the level of oneself.

They have a strong lineup of men’s suits that play a role of a passport that guarantees the sociality of the wearer.

In addition to the Italian taste, they feature a full range of styles, and we also develop casual items that incorporate the feeling of a life-sized man.


We will solve the problem of what to wear tomorrow with wear that can stand out and make a difference.

Clothes with playful semantic designs, such as mixed materials in color blocks, vintage processing, and embellishments, bring dramatic changes to the rutted closet.

Among them, the pants are popular every season for their beautiful silhouettes while being conscious of trends.

M.F. Editorial

A brand that emphasizes a modern worldview that reflects the “now” and is sure to find what you really want.

The top priority for working men and women is the neat feeling suitable for the workplace, it is simple, has a wide range of defense, and has a good cut that makes the body look beautiful, so it is useful for daily use.

The MF editorial has a design that insists on not being too active, so you can compete even on a day when you have a plan after work.

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5th Place: Haruyama Holdings

Best Japanese Suit Brands 2022 - Japan Venge (5)

It’s a company that mainly manufactures and sells men’s clothing, and operates stores such as Haruyama, a men’s clothing chain in the Kanto region and west of Japan. It is also an official partner company of the Olympic Committee (JOC).


Men’s Clothing Haruyama

Haruyama is a mass retailer of suits that is popular mainly in the Kansai region. It ranks third in terms of sales in the industry after Aoyama and Aoki.

Most of the suits are of good quality and low price, and they are focusing on online shopping so that they can be purchased even cheaper. In the past, collaborating with anime such as Evangelion and Jojo has increased popularity among the younger generation.


MORIONE WORLD is a subsidiary of Haruyama Shoji Co., Ltd., headquartered in Okyozuka, Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Japan. They mainly sell men’s and women’s business and casual clothing in Ishikawa and Toyama (two prefectures in the Hokuriku region).

In addition to having one of the largest sales floor areas and product lineups in the Hokuriku region, it is a popular brand that handles many brands from department stores and specialty stores, and also supports full orders.

Perfect Suit FActory

Perfect Suit Factory is an urban store centered on business suits for people in their 20s and early 30s who started store development in November 2000.

On March 14, 2009, PSFA Platinum, an advanced line for people in their late 20s to around 40s, opened at the Daimaru Umeda store (10th floor), and the nationwide expansion of the store began.

The opening of the PSFA Platinum store in Daimaru attracted attention in the industry, saying that “(Daimaru’s holding company) J. Front Retailing has crossed a line that should not be crossed as a department store.”

They were able to achieve sales of about 10 million yen in two days, which exceeded our expectations, and sales remained strong even after that, reaching 3.3 times the original plan, which became a hot topic.

4th Place: Sanyo Shokai Co., Ltd.

Best Japanese Suit Brands 2022 - Japan Venge (6)

Sanyo Shokai Co., Ltd. is an apparel manufacturer headquartered in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

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Their sales network consists mainly of department stores, and in addition to our own brands, we also sell under license agreements with various overseas brands.

They aim to expand sales with Macintosh, Paul Stuart, and Epoca as flagship businesses.



It is a historic brand born in London by the Gardiner brothers from Scotland. Based on the gentleman’s country style, we propose an adult holiday lifestyle while adding functionality and fashion.


GUILD PRIME is a select shop and an original brand of LOVELESS, a sister store of LOVELESS, which proposes highly sensitive high-end brands and creative brands from Japan and overseas.

It is characterized by the fusion of fashion and casual and opened its first shop in Shibuya (Meiji Jingumae) in 2009. It also develops more casual and reasonable brands than Loveless.

Originally, it was mainly handled as a select shop, but in recent years, it has strengthened the development of the shop’s original brand “Guild Prime”.


EPOCA UOMO is a men’s line of the high-end fashion brand “Epoka” developed by Sanyo Shokai and is a new luxury stylish that elegantly expresses the sex appeal of adult men who have both international trends and fashion.

With its international sensitivity and high-quality materials, it is a popular brand that makes you feel more familiar with the value of fashion such as quality, modernity, and comfort.

3rd Place: Konaka

Best Japanese Suit Brands 2022 - Japan Venge (7)

Konaka Co., Ltd. is a men’s clothing company. It is a popular company that develops mass retailers such as “Men’s Clothing Konaka” and boasts the fourth largest scale in the men’s clothing industry.

From Aomori Prefecture to Osaka Prefecture, eastern Japan is the center, especially in the Kanto and Tohoku regions such as Kanagawa, Tokyo, and Chiba, where the head office is located.

In particular, there are more than 40 stores in Kanagawa Prefecture, but since the Kanto region is the center, there are only a few stores in the Kansai region.



Men’s wear Konaka has stores in the Tohoku and Tokai areas, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. With the slogan “Quality is everything.”

This shop is characterized by innovative product development capabilities, offering high-quality, high-performance products. It is an important brand that plays a central role in the Konaka Group.

Suit Select

Suit Select operates as urban stores in 44 prefectures from Hokkaido to Okinawa, mainly in station buildings and commercial facilities.

It is a suit shop targeting young people who designed shopping itself, where you can choose from “BLACK LINE” and “SILVER LINE” product configurations and pricing.


DIFFERENCE is a new concept that allows anyone to freely and enjoyably personalize suits, based on the measurement data taken by professional tailors at the shop.

It is an order suit brand. It is a brand of attention that is beginning to become popular now.

2nd Place: AOKI Holdings

AOKI Holdings Co., Ltd. A holding company whose main business is the planning and sales of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.

They are currently developing a wide range of businesses, including fashion, bridal, and entertainment, in order to make the various scenes of life beautiful and joyful.


Styling Store “AOKI”

Based on the concept of “making people’s lives beautiful and full of joy through fashion,” they strive to create and develop high-quality products that meet the diverse tastes of customers.

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It is a popular brand that proposes “fun to wear” and “valuable style” for life scenes. In 2004, they introduced the industry’s first “stylist system”, and we propose dressing according to the tastes and lifestyles of users who visit our stores.

SC lifestyle shop “ORIHICA”

The brand concept of “ORIHICA” is “Key to the new lifestyle”, and as a brand that opens the door to the next generation lifestyle, we propose the enjoyment of freely editing items without being bound by category boundaries.

As a brand with its roots in Omotesando, a city where fashion information from around the world gathers, we have developed business, casual, and ladies’ items, and have gained the support of users with a high sense of fashion.

Size MAX

Size MAX is a store specializing in large sizes, including men’s and women’s casual clothes ranging from 2L to 8L, suits, and formals, and accessories such as shoes and belts.

In order to provide users with the happiness of being able to choose not only the size but also their favorite color and design, they are expanding nationwide and aiming for further evolution and development.

They handle various items, from suits and formal wear to accessories such as branded casual shoes, shoes, and belts.

1st Place: Aoyama Shouji

Best Japanese Suit Brands 2022 - Japan Venge (9)

Aoyama Trading Co., Ltd. is a men’s clothing manufacturer headquartered in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

It is a company that develops the men’s clothing sales chain “Yofuku no Aoyama”, and is the only company in the industry to have stores in all 47 prefectures, making it the largest in the industry.

It is also famous for being certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the number one suit seller in the world.


Aoyama of Clothes

Yofuku no Aoyama is a core business of Aoyama Shoji, which boasts 809 stores, and is a clothing specialty store that offers men’s items such as suits, shoes, and casual clothes, as well as women’s recruit suits and formal suits.

It is a popular brand that has stores in all 47 prefectures and is supported by a wide range of generations.

The Suit Company

The Suit Company started in November 2000, following in the footsteps of the successful and novel The Super Suit Store, and has expanded to 60 stores.

Based on the concept of “providing high-fashion, high-quality products at reasonable prices in the best locations,” the store has been unified with a stylish space design and a shift in thinking from a “sales floor” to a “shopping area.”

By adopting a customer service style called help by staff, they have renewed the image of the men’s clothing store so far, and are gaining overwhelming support from the young generation.


UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE is a store brand for adults in the city, with strong product procurement capabilities through a “multi-channel editing SPA”.

It is a popular brand that has created a unique worldview by selecting from all channels, making a clear distinction from conventional select shops.

Which Company Sells the Best Japanese Suit Brands

Having a suit to wear is not just as easy to buy as our casual clothes. Aside from sizing and colors, you should also consider the comfortability of the suit to help you move at ease.

No need to fuss about getting the best quality suit with your preferred style and color as this list could help you find the right suit for you!

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