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Cute-icle Nails And Spa - Buckeye, AZ 85388 - Services, Reviews, Hours and Contact (1)




Nail Salon
Acrylic nails
Gel manicures

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Address: 16840 W Waddell Rd, Surprise, AZ 85388

Phone: (623) 546-0456


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My daughter and I got gel manicure and pedicure. I also had my eyebrows waxed here. The ladies were polite and listened to what we wanted. Would recommend and return to this nail salon.Gel manicures,Waxing,Foot massages,Nail art,Pedicure

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Ashley R

Been there twice with my daughter and cousin and aunt and I absolutely lovr it they do such a amazing job I was starting give up hope was treated like my money didn’t matter at so many other places that literally left me in tears from ripping my real nail off on several occasions and just rude services at other places I decided give this place a shot before I gave up at trying and its a 10 out of 10 for me they are all very friendly and kind and polite and they all seem to be good at there job I can finally treat myself to self care and enjoy it thank you so much to all of you here your shop makes me feel stress free on my me time and your all so amazing thank you so much its truely just the small things in life and I appreciate you all have a amazing week

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Sydney Main

I LOVE cuticle. I’ve been coming here for a little over a year now, and I have only had maybe one slightly unsavory experience here, and only because the nail tech accidentally cut the skin on the side of my nail. Other than that, I would not recommend any other place! The people are so sweet and happy here and they do an amazing job! Keep up the amazing work!

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Melissa Shipley

Color chart numbers are incorrect for the kitten eyes…Outside of the blue I got (I picked green)….wasn’t enough to complain about. I did give them a heads up about it…Not sure they’ll fix it so, pay attention

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E_longoria14 Ericlongoria

Do NOT go here . The lady who did my nails practically bullied me into getting a more expensive pedicure and was picking up my foot saying I need it and showing the lady next to us and they were both staring at my feet together . On top of that completely gave me the wrong color I asked for white pearl nails I even showed a reference photo and the color of the nail polish and she proceeded to give me pink nails . When I called to fix my nails they had the same lady do my nails … she was super rough with me and was trying to purposely hurt me . kept throwing my hands around because she was upset . I got French tips with crome and they charged me SEVENTY -TWO dollars for my toes . They then proceeded to charge me an extra $15 when I came in and the lady didn’t even fully paint the sides of my nails . I have been here quite a few time. And never once did they charge me $72 and all I have ever got was french tips . Also to add to the cherry on top of a already horrific experience they were all saying slurs and laughing at me the whole time . The only person who somewhat made my experience better was the front desk lady who was trying her hardest to work with me and was able to talk the lady redoing my nails down to $15 extra dollars when she was trying to charge me $30 I would NOT recommend this place nor will I ever go here again .

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Analeah Adams

Got a full set with a girlfriend of mine yesterday, when I showed the tech a photo she told me she couldn’t do the design but she could do something similar so I said ok sure I didn’t want to be picky. I asked for coffin and she did square, I asked for clear acrylic with black and gold designs and she gave me white with brown and silver. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so i just said they were fine and left. Today I went back in and asked if they would just paint over top a solid color with no design because I felt like the tech I originally had did a poor job and didn’t listen. I am not a confrontational person and I was shaking just asking! After waiting an hour and a half they’re ready to take me and the manager calls over the lady that did them yesterday, now I have the manager, the old tech, and a new tech yelling at me in a language I don’t understand and they wouldn’t allow me to explain that it wasn’t what I asked for. At that point the manager says they’re going to charge me for gel and I was so upset already I just said ok to get it over with, the new tech them proceeds to file my nails and goes as deep as to make seven of them bleed, shushed me when I started crying, and painted right over the blood. So long story short, kinda traumatic and would not recommend…

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rosa torres

Was recommended to this place, AMAZING experience. Went in and was attended right away. Went in for a pedicure, love the end result! Definitely going back ! It’s was worth the 30 min drive !

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I have waited to write this review because I was so upset yesterday. Yesterday I walked into the salon and was told it would be a 30 minute wait for a pedicure. Not a problem right? Well after waiting 45 minutes another Caucasian couple walked in with their done up outfits and were seated right away and a tech started working on them. I assumed it had to do with the fact they looked like they had money but in fact it wasn’t. I never throw race in it but unfortunately that is what it was. A black and brown woman both got up from their pedicure chairs upset because they had both been sitting in the chairs waiting for a technician. Another Caucasian lady got up as well and said I keep seeing you putting colored people last before us and it’s not okay. I applaud her for standing up for equality and professionalism. Needless to say we all walked out. I will not be returning. The sad thing is I used to get my nails done there a couple years ago and it was my go to place. I don’t know if there is new management but regardless this place is not professional and doesn’t treat people with respect.

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Carol Lynn

All I wanted was to pamper myself. I refused the cheese grater so the young lady (no name) used a pumice and now I have a hole in my foot.Pedicure

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Heather Moore

My mom and I booked an appointment for 2pm and came in at about 1:30 and they seated us almost immediately. The tech I had did my full set and pedicure. She was amazing. Had good conversation and did a fantastic job on my nails. My mom was also very pleased with hers. I’ve struggled to find a good nail salon amd I’m definitely gonna be sticking with this one!

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