Diesel Cars: 5 Pros & 5 Cons (2023)

By Bipasha Bhatia

Shopping for a new car brings a lot of questions to mind. If you're considering a diesel, let's weigh the pros and cons.

Diesel Cars: 5 Pros & 5 Cons (1)

Shopping for a new car brings a lot of questions to mind. The car has to have a certain quality that the driver will find pleasant. It isn't always about price or quality though. A growing concern is whether the car runs on diesel, electricity or gas. It can sometimes be a difficult choice. Generally, diesels were big vehicles such as trailers, or tractors. While a more modern car industry is beginning to implement diesel into trucks and other common cars. While diesel might be in right now, many should consider the pros and cons of having a car that runs on this type of fuel.


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10 Pro: Fuel Efficiency

Diesel Cars: 5 Pros & 5 Cons (2)

Diesel cars have been known to have much higher fuel efficiency than other cars. These cars can usually get anywhere from 20 to 30 percent more miles per gallonthan those running on gasoline. These cars are excellent when driving long stretches, such as highways or other roads that have non-stop driving.

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One of the main reasons it’s used for long-haul trucks. The main cars that really do benefit from this option are SUVs and trucks, but other more regularly used cars are also able to reap the benefits of extended mileage. Meaning you have to stop at the gas station less frequently, extending driving periods.

9 Con: Diesel Prices

Diesel Cars: 5 Pros & 5 Cons (3)

As previously mentioned, diesel can keep a car running through more miles per gallon. Although diesel is not the easiest product to find. Diesel fuel costs slightly more than premium gas. For some, it's no issue to go up a few cents, but for those who are content with the cheapest gas available, it will come as a shock. It comes down to the person who is willing to sacrifice their money for their car. That although, isn't the only limiting factor. Not all gas stations offer diesel fuel, making it considerably more difficult to fill up your tank while traveling for long periods or distances. Just another thing to keep in mind when considering switching to diesel.

8 Pro: No Ignition Tuneups

Diesel Cars: 5 Pros & 5 Cons (4)
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Diesel cars have different engines than gasoline-powered cars and electric cars. These differences are what make this a pro. These engines require less maintenance because they do not require spark plugs, which is required maintenance on gasoline cars. These cars offer owners the optionof saving money on that particular maintenance. Tune-ups can get very expensive so it is a relief to be able to at least skip this part. Since they don’t require these, they can usually run particularly smooth without many issues and their highway capacity is also extended. These cars do require some extra care though.

7 Con: Regular Maintenance

Diesel Cars: 5 Pros & 5 Cons (5)

Remember that very little maintenance is ideal. It comes at a bit of a steep price. Ignition tuneups can be ignored, but not the overall engine maintenance. It won't cost as much as the ignition, but it still has to be maintained, otherwise, the car will completely fail. There need to be frequent oil changes, filter changes, and cleaning a water separator. These cars are costly when they break down. Their parts are much more expensive than a regular gasoline car or an electric car. The parts more than likely require professional care only offered by dealers, who tend to have pricey mechanics.

6 Pro: Increased Torque

Diesel Cars: 5 Pros & 5 Cons (6)

Trucks have diesel engines for their towing capacities. The increased torque offered by diesel engines allows cars to have a more powerful start after a complete stop. They allow the driver to haul heavy objects behind them without much difficulty, unlike a gasoline-powered car that can‘t very well tow anything unless it is much lighter than the car doing the towing. The towing capabilities offered by dieselare limitless, and the engines are powerful and often last much longer than any other. These steady and stable engines can usually get the job done in any situation they are put in.

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5 Con: Decreased Horsepower

Diesel Cars: 5 Pros & 5 Cons (7)

Everyone becomes a little disappointed if their car is unable to keep up with other cars on a highway or on urban streets. This is the price of increased torque. While it does offer good towing capabilities, it hinders horsepower. Horsepower is what makes a car pick up speedand continue speeding up. Diesel cars sacrifice speed for torque. Many casual car users might find the wrong option for their everyday lives.

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While the car is good for towing it does not provide the horsepower most speedy drivers enjoy. Since diesel cars aren't your everyday car, most everyday people will want to stay away from them as an option.

4 Pro: Improved Noise Level

Diesel Cars: 5 Pros & 5 Cons (8)

Diesel cars have had the reputation of being loud and clattery due to their ancient design. However, through modern technology, the engines now sound much smoother than they have in the past. These newer models allow drivers to feel secure in their car engine. They have taken such a stand in the market because of these improvements. Since they now challenge gasoline cars, they are a viable option for those who want to purchase a diesel car for economic reasons. Apart from that, these changes have also helped to improve the quality of air and pollution, although that will be later considered.

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3 Con: Loud And Rough

Diesel Cars: 5 Pros & 5 Cons (9)

Despite all their improvements, these cars are still not as smooth as electric or gasoline-run cars. Gasoline cars are able to run with minimal noise. However, diesel users still notice that their engines don't start up as smoothly or quietly as other cars. This not only increases noise level for those to whom it matters, but it is also an inconvenience when trying to ensure that the car is running smoothly. Since the engine generally signals anything wrong with the car, untrained diesel car owners will be unable to detect any problems with their car as easily as those who have quieter cars.

2 Pro: Less Carbon Emissions

Diesel Cars: 5 Pros & 5 Cons (10)

It is one of the main reasons why diesel cars have been shunned by Americans, their carbon emissions have proven toxic to the environment. Although most modern diesel cars have met emission requirements, which is a benefit for those who are concerned about how much emissions they will be putting out into the atmosphere. Since these changes have occurred, many more alternatives have been devised. There is now such a thing as biodiesel, which causes fewer emissions and benefits all diesel drivers. Which comes as a surprise to many who frequently drive highways, since the car is not affected by the different diesel formula.

1 Con: Dangerous Emissions

Diesel Cars: 5 Pros & 5 Cons (11)

On the downside, these emissions are not fully contained. America imposes strict regulations because they is no way to stop all dangerous toxins and pollutants from entering the atmosphere. While these vehicles do emit less than they did years ago, they still produce carcinogens, soot, and nitrous oxide. All which directly harm the environment and people. These cars are not ideal for driving in populated cities since they can cause overall harm. While biodiesel is also an option, it can hinder engine performance and shortens the engines overall lifespan. In this case, a hybrid car or gas-powered car is much more beneficial.

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