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We’ve suggested before that names are overrated.

There’s a bit of wisdom in that advice, but it shouldn’t stop you from designing a name that tells your story and objectively serves your work.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  1. Why your candle company name matters
  2. A 7-step process to create a world class candle company name
  3. Which legal moves to consider for your new name

What difference does your candle company name make?

There’s a lot more to a name than letters and syllables.

Think about brands that everyone knows about:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Starbucks
  • NFL

If company names were merely just letters, the list above wouldn’t be special in any way, but there’s a key element that makes them special.


Every brand up there invokes a feeling when you think about them, even if it’s not a good feeling. The way they’ve delivered value to culture resonates a certain way.

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If you understand that your name is only as valuable as you make it then it’s far less stressful.

A lot of people think the NAME makes the business, but it’s the BUSINESS that makes the name.

But…. you shouldn’t settle for mediocrity. You want to create memories and emotional connections. An average name has average impact, and you have an opportunity to address that before it’s a hindrance to your empire.

That being said, there’s some rough rules to follow, both legally and otherwise, for forming a name you can build upon.

How to design a world class candle company name

Treat this stage as a process to follow, and don’t fall in love with anything too quickly. Our bias to early ideas often prevents BETTER ideas from coming out.

Name selection is best done in a series of personal workshops where you set aside an hour or more to “ideate” (the new version of “brainstorm”) and repeat the following steps as many times as you need to.

Step 1. Tap into your creativity by generating 100 name ideas of various styles

In his TED talk, Jonathan Bell calls out seven distinct naming conventions for businesses with the following examples:

Name StyleExample
Eponymous – based on someones nameDisney, Tesla, Adidas
Descriptive – describes the companyAmerican Airlines, The Home Depot, (Armatage Candle Company)
Acronomic – better formatted as an acronymGE, BP, KFC
Suggestive – inherently describes benefits or attributes of the company, and may come right out of a dictionaryUber, Slack, Ray-Ban, Kleenex
Associative – associated with an already common ideaAmazon, SiriusXM, Red Bull
Non-English – use, or inspiration from, a foreign languageSamsung, Lego, Hulu, Zappos
Abstract – completely made upRolex, Kodak

In this iteration, choose a style and generate as many names in as many categories as possible. It might sound insane at first, but try to build a list of at least 100 different name ideas before moving to the next step.

Don’t omit any ideas that flow out.

Omission and filtering comes later, and you’re often able to build on bad ideas if you allow yourself to HAVE bad ideas.

Step 2. Dismantle your bias by removing your top 5 favorites from the initial list

What? Get rid of the best ideas?



If you allow those top favorites to exist right now, it’ll completely disrupt your ability to look past your bias in the following steps.

You’ll thank yourself later, and likely end up happier.

Most people skip this step, unwilling to take intentional leaps to block their ego from the process.

Step 3. Filter down to 20 ideas using questions

With about 95 ideas in the cooker, you probably already know which ones will never make the cut.

And with your top 5 favorite ideas on ice, you’re probably wondering how you’re ever going to be happy with what’s left.

That’s normal, and you shouldn’t expect this to necessarily work on the first iteration!

If you need help, run your ideas through the questions below. If you can say “yes” to them, they’re worthy of making it to the next step.

  1. Does it have three or less syllables?
  2. Is it easy to pronounce if you read it?
  3. Can someone easily spell it if they hear it?
  4. Is it broad enough to allow you to expand into other avenues of business if you wanted to later?

Step 4. Refine the list until only 10 incredible ideas remain

In order to cut your list in half you’ll need to run each through the following small technical exercise:

  1. Make sure no matching businesses in your STATE have that name by visiting your state’s Secretary of State website (or equivalent)
  2. Validate no existing LIVE federal trademarks exist for the name using the United States and Patent Trademark Office’s Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)
  3. Check to see if a reasonable domain name is still available. You can type it into a web browser or use GoDaddy’s domain availability tool.
  4. Do a quick internet search to make sure nothing offensive or culturally insensitive shows up in the search results.
  5. Validate that reasonable social media handles are available if you were to proceed with the name.

If you don’t have 10 ideas left after this, go back to step 1 and start over. It’s normal for this to take a few tries.

Step 5. Rank the top 10 and brainstorm potential slogans for each

It’s still a little early to ask for feedback from others. Doing so could actually put your creative process at risk because you really only have one chance to make an impression with these ideas on someone you trust.

(Video) Candle Business Names: 275+ Best & Catchy Name Ideas For Starting A Candle Business.

Most people fall in love with specific ideas or may not jive with your vibe. However, feedback IS an important step, but just wait until you finish this step.

Rank your remaining 10 ideas from favorite to least favorite, then take the top three into the next step.

Step 6. Try on the top 3 for size and get some feedback

If you made it this far, it’s finally time to invest in the opinions of others.

One idea is to actually send a few emails with the name in your signature, or create some prototype graphics or labels with the names on them to really get a feel for what it’s like to live with that name.

Call it rapid prototyping if you want, but seeing the name is just as important as saying it and hearing it.

Bring it to the attention of a few trusted individuals who will give you the unbridled truth about each one. Once you’ve gathered feedback and pondered it, choose your name.

…or go to step 1 again if you’re not satisfied, but don’t start over OR consider the work completed until you’ve slept on the idea for at least a night. It’s amazing what a night’s worth of dreaming and rest can do for your creative brain.

Step 7. Create a catchy slogan to accelerate your success

Create a descriptive slogan that is:

  • Seven words or less
  • Direct
  • Simple
  • EXTREMELY memorable (something others would want to, or remember to talk about)

The point of this is to build the foundation of your story – the meaning behind the name.

Consider Google’s, “To organize the world’s information” or Nike’s “Just Do It”. They have a ring and a pop that make them memorable and inviting.

If you can’t sell the big idea of your brand, you should spend more time thinking about what you want to do with your work.

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Congratulations! You just found yourself a company name.

What should you legally consider for your company name?

This section should not be considered legal advice – please consult with a legal professional at your discretion.

There’s really only two steps to think about at this stage:

  • Filing your business name in your state
  • Consideration of a federal trademark

Filing your business name

To do business, there’s often some small fees and a series of paperwork to file with your state.

Every state is different.

You can simply register a DBA (“doing business as”) or go as far as forming an LLC. In any case, research your state department requirements for filing a business name to make sure no one else can lay claim to the name you just tirelessly developed!

Should you trademark your business?

Trademarks are interesting, tricky, and possibly unnecessary.

Technically, you can form a business of the same name in every state and they could all be different from each other. Only registering in your state protects you in that state, which is where a trademark comes in.

According to the USPTO trademarks are, “A word, phrase, design, or a combination that identifies your goods or services, distinguishes them from the goods or services of others, and indicates the source of your goods or services.”

In other words, creating a trademark is useful for ensuring your neighboring state can’t form a business with the same name and impersonate you in any way.

You can also file for a trademarked logo or slogan if you wanted to.

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Advice on whether to trademark your candle business name is all over the map. Some insist you should do it as soon as possible while others, almost reflexively, hesitate to say it’s an absolute need.

Most professionals recommend legal guidance for filing the trademark application, so it’s probably better to consult with them about if it’s the right choice for you and your business model.


How do I come up with a candle business name? ›

Tips for creating a great candle business name
  1. Include the feeling you want customers to experience. The best names for candle businesses make customers feel a certain way. ...
  2. Describe the scents you use. ...
  3. Hint at the type of candles you sell. ...
  4. Address your ideal customer. ...
  5. Emphasize wellness and relaxation.

What category is candle business? ›

Candles are considered cosmetics and also include their own set of key laws and standards for candle labeling.

How do I brand my candles? ›

Use a piece of colored twine to tie directly around your candle container or add tags to carry-out bags for retail locations. You can also use large rectangle labels as a unique way to brand and seal your candle boxes at the same time.

How do I find my candle niche business? ›

To help identify which market suits you best, think about the people you will be selling to, how they will buy your candles (what's your platform), and how much they're willing to pay. You will then have a better idea of what materials you want to use, and it might help craft your brand and niche in the process!

What is a good candle brand name? ›

Some of the best real-life candle company names are Yankee Candle, Scent Perfique, and Homesick. Our favorite names from the Candle Business Name Generator include HeavenScent, Flamemakers, and Candle Collective.

What makes a candle company luxury? ›

Luxury candles tend to use higher-end alternatives to paraffin, such as coconut wax, beeswax, and soy wax. For example, our candles are made with natural soy wax, which burns less quickly than paraffin and allows you to savor the ambience and aroma up to 50% longer.

What type of candles sell best? ›

Top Four Favorite Selling Candles All Year
  • Vanilla Soy Candles.
  • Almond Vanilla Candles.
  • Sandalwood Amber Soy Candles.
  • Mineral Springs Candles.

Do I need a Licence to sell candles? ›

There are no specific legal requirements for selling candles in the UK, but you should be aware of: the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 – check the government's guidance on product safety. specific guidelines from your local trading standards office.

Do you need FDA approval to sell candles? ›

Candles and air fresheners aren't regulated by the FDA. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is responsible for keeping the industry safe and honest.

How successful is a candle business? ›

According to Verified Market Research, the candle industry was valued at $7.15 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $13.38 billion by 2028. Since more people are spending time at home and also investing time in self-care, the candle market is benefitting and growing accordingly.

Can you copyright a candle design? ›

Copyright covers a broader palette and protects any original artistic expression—whether architecture, photography, music, writing or dance. These two forms of legal protection overlap when functional objects—for example, bronze bells, table tiles, clay pots or candles—embody a distinctive visual appearance.

Are candles in high demand? ›

Primarily driven by rising demand for soy candles, the total Global Candle Market is estimated to reach USD 9.9 Billion by the year 2028. The Market stood at a revenue of USD 6.8 Billion in the year 2021, and expected to exhibit a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.5%.

What company sells the most candles? ›

CharacteristicDollar sales in million U.S. dollars
SC Johnson & Sons184.22
The Yankee Candle Co. Inc.132.02
Newell Brands113.05
Empire Candle Co.86.93
1 more row
3 May 2022

Do candle companies make money? ›

The average profit margin on a candle is around 25% to 50%. Keep in mind that this can vary based on a variety of factors such as the average cost of materials, shipping, labor, and your unique niche or target market.

What candle scent is most popular? ›

Vanilla just so happens to be America's most popular flavor, so it makes sense as to why this scent is so high up on the list.

Which smell is best for candles? ›

Best overall candle

At the top is cannabis leaf, lemon peel, and rhubarb — which you smell immediately. Then there's almond, tulip, sage, and eucalyptus. Finally, when you blow it out or let it burn for a while, you start to smell the suede, musk, and amber.

Can you get rich selling candles? ›

Selling candles can actually be a pretty profitable business if you do it right. Not only can you make a side income selling candles, but some makers are able to earn a full-time income selling their candles.

What is a professional candle maker called? ›

Did you know a candle maker is known as a "chandler"? The term is related to "chandelier", meaning an ornate, branched light fitting that held lot's of candles!

What country buys the most candles? ›

Exporters and Importers

In 2020, the top importers of Candles were United States ($711M), Germany ($448M), United Kingdom ($318M), Netherlands ($204M), and France ($124M).

What age group buys the most candles? ›

In terms of customer demographics by age, Danziger's research indicates that the biggest buyers of candles are under 25 or over 55.

What labels do I need to sell candles? ›

It is a requirement that the General Warning Sign (see diagram below) be included in all labelling, preferably in a coloured graphic. In addition under the standard there are four mandatory safety messages which must be included on all labels. The warning message may be given as a pictogram or as text.

Is it smart to start a candle business? ›

A candle-making business can be highly profitable. Not only is there a low-cost barrier to entry, but the candle-making industry is expected to reach nearly $5 billion by 2026. People love candles, and they're most likely going to continue buying candles for a long time.

Do I need insurance to sell candles online? ›

You do need insurance to sell candles or wax melts online from home, or at your shop. There are some risks involved with candle businesses that might become very costly if you don't have basic insurance for selling candles that will cover you.

Do you need insurance to sell candles as a hobby? ›

Do you need Insurance to sell candles? Yes. As a Candle Maker, your business activities and the products you sell are exposed to many risks.

How much does it cost to start a candle business? ›

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Candle Making Business? The average cost to start a candle business ranges from $9,500 to $78,000, with an average around $44,000. As a small business startup, candle making doesn't take a huge hit on your personal finances.

Do candles need ingredients label? ›

Yes. Candles and wax melts fall within the CLP Regulations and so they need compliant labels.

How many scents should a candle company have? ›

Enter: The 84 Candle Rule.

Before you even begin to sell candles, create 84 of them and give almost all of them away. There's a lot underneath this simple rule.

What is a good profit on a candle? ›

The average profit margin to aim for on a new candle business is between 25 and 50% according to candlescience.

Are candle scent names copyrighted? ›

They are able to use the name for their fragrance oils because the trademark for a fragrance like Love Spell is for use in candles, not the fragrance oil itself, so the supplier/oil manufacturer is allowed to use the name.

Can you sell candles as a hobby? ›

Candle making is a hobby that many people turn into a business. It starts as a side hustle to learn the fundamentals before evolving into a full-time small business. The National Candle Association estimates the candle industry is worth several billion dollars and popularity is on the rise among amateurs.

Is making candles a good side business? ›

Making homemade candles can become a profitable side hustle due to its simple yet effective business model. Transforming raw natural materials into a product that will sell for a price that includes its production, shipping and marketing costs makes it a perfect candidate for a side business to generate income.

Can you put any label on a candle? ›

Make Sure Your Labels Can Handle Heat. Whether you sell candles for decorative use, holidays, aromatherapy, or other purposes, you need to make sure that your candle labels can handle the heat of the flame while remaining as attractive and delicate as the candle itself.

Can you put a photo on a candle? ›

The process is simple – print out your photo, wrap it around the candle, add a layer of wax paper then use a hair dryer to apply the photo onto the candle. Use your favorite photo or artwork, create a photo collage, or even use your favorite quotes or expressions.

What is the most popular candle color? ›

Candle color preference is driven by what candle colors are perceived to smell good, colors that complement home décor and colors that are less staining. The top five candle colors are blue, purple, pink, peach and red.

What do customers want in a candle? ›

The NCA says the most important factors include scent, color, cost and shape, with the fragrance being the single most important attribute. In a study reported by NCA, three-fourths of candle buyers said that scent was “extremely important” or “very important” in their purchasing decision.

What is the average price of a candle? ›

Profits can keep your hobby alive, grow your business, or just plain give you some side moola to enjoy! The price of your candle comes down to three factors: Materials – what do the supplies cost?
ItemCost per CandleCost per Month (based on 100 candles sold)
Average Shipping Cost$5.50$550.00
5 more rows
15 May 2020

Which city is famous for candles? ›

Nainital: For decades, tourists from across India and even abroad would visit Nainital to buy its famous locally-made scented candles.

Why are luxury candles so expensive? ›

Why are candles so expensive? For most luxury companies, it starts with the quality of the scents. While perfumes are loaded with oils that simply smell good, a candle is a careful concoction of oils that burn well. “Synthetics are super important, especially in candles,” Moltz explains.

What is the oldest candle brand? ›

Cire Trudon is best known as the world's oldest candlemaker still active today. Founded by the Trudon family, it has provided candles to France's cathedrals and nobility since 1643. Most famously, the Trudons supplied all the candles of Versailles on a daily basis, serving the Sun King, Louis XIV, during his reign.

How much can a small candle business make? ›

How much does a Candle Business make? As of Nov 5, 2022, the average annual pay for a Candle Business in the United States is $52,355 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $25.17 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,006/week or $4,362/month.

How fast is the candle industry growing? ›

The candle market is valued at US$ 7,562.83 Million in 2021 and is anticipated to increase to US$ 10,156.05 Million by 2027, with a growing CAGR of 5.26% in the next six years. A candle is indeed a wax block containing a wick. It produces heat and light, and also the occasional discharge of a smell when lit.

What is the professional name for a candle maker? ›

Did you know a candle maker is known as a "chandler"? The term is related to "chandelier", meaning an ornate, branched light fitting that held lot's of candles!

What are professional candle makers called? ›

chan·​dler ˈchan(d)-lər. : a maker or seller of tallow or wax candles and usually soap. : a retail dealer in provisions and supplies or equipment of a specified kind.

Is there money in selling candles? ›

Selling candles can actually be a pretty profitable business if you do it right. Not only can you make a side income selling candles, but some makers are able to earn a full-time income selling their candles.

What is a 5 candle holder called? ›

A candelabra (plural candelabras) or candelabrum (plural candelabra or candelabrums) is a candle holder with multiple arms.

What is a candle holders name? ›

A candlestick is a device used to hold a candle in place. Candlesticks have a cup or a spike ("pricket") or both to keep the candle in place.

What type of candle sells the most? ›

Top Four Favorite Selling Candles All Year
  • Vanilla Soy Candles.
  • Almond Vanilla Candles.
  • Sandalwood Amber Soy Candles.
  • Mineral Springs Candles.

What are the three types of candles? ›

Types of Wax
  • Soy Wax Candles. Formed form soybean oil, soy wax candles are natural and renewable, making them a safe and sustainable option. ...
  • Paraffin Wax Candles. As one of most common types of wax, paraffin wax is used less so in luxury candles as it produces more soot in comparison to other wax types.
  • Beeswax Candles.

What brand of candle is the strongest? ›

The Results

And, I have to say, the strongest candle wasn't my favorite fragrance. But my nose doesn't lie when it determined that not one but two brands smelled strongest — WoodWick by Yankee Candle Co. and Bath & Body Works.


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