Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (2023)

It looks like you’ve tried Slack and it doesn’t meet your needs. You’re not alone.

Perhaps you’re looking for a tool that’s faster, less complicated and more affordable than Slack.

We’ve been there too and we’ve actually tried a few Slack alternatives to find the app that suits our needs the best. Here are the apps we tried:

  • Chanty
  • ClickUp
  • ✓ Pumble
  • Fleep
  • Flock
  • Microsoft Teams
  • ProofHub
  • Ryver
  • Google Chat

We’ve used Slack and realized that it doesn’t meet our needs perfectly. Since we realized that there’s a market for a team chat app that’s less complicated and more affordable, we decided to create a tool of our own – this is why we created Chanty.

Take your team to next level of productivity with Chanty

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Video calls
  • Kanban task manager
  • Guest users

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Chanty is a super simple team chat app. Before we created the app, we spent at least a few weeks researching and actually using our competitor apps which we mentioned above. So, this article is based on our own experience with using these apps.

The apps mentioned on this list are the few that we’ve chosen as the very best Slack alternatives. These are the apps that are the top Slack alternatives, in our humble opinion.

Check out the review of Slack alternatives: Chanty, Flock, Fleep, MS Teams, ProofHub, Ryver, Google Chat.

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There are 100+ Slack alternatives. Or are there?

If you do a quick Google search for “slack alternatives”, you’ll find lots of results that mention various apps as Slack competitors. The problem is, a good number of these tools are CRM apps which are hardly a Slack competitor, which can be confusing you.

The reason for listing CRMs (and other types of apps) as Slack competitors is probably just to add some numbers to their posts. If you want to know the real number, you can head to alternativeto.net and find out that there are more than 100 different Slack competitors out there. However, we are here to focus on quality, rather than quantity, so here are the very best.

Why do people choose Slack?

There are three main reasons why people use Slack as their application of choice. Communication, collaboration and notifications. It lets you chat with your team, share files and use different integrations, as well as stay up to date with notifications, all the while taking your communication away from your email inbox. Here is what we had to say about Slack in a video:

If you want to find out more about Slack in detail, you can read our Slack review. Let’s briefly discuss the advantages of using Slack instead of its many competitors.

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (1)Image source

  • It’s hip. While talking to a large number of CEOs and founders, I found that they all love Slack. No matter their management styles, their industry, niche market, or size of their company, everyone knows about Slack. It also has this air of being cool, probably thanks to its fancy bots and the fancy copy on its website. Usually, when I ask people what’s cool about Slack, they have a hard time explaining it. It mostly boils down to “It’s popular and everyone else is using it”. Integrations are one of the best parts of the app, but very few Slack fans actually integrate Slack with their other apps at work.
  • Integrations. At the moment of writing, there are more than 2400 different integrations for Slack. If you don’t know what integrations are, here’s the best way to explain them. When you integrate your other work apps with Slack (such as MailChimp, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.), you can get notifications from them within Slack in real time. You don’t have to open any of these apps and check them all the time – you have everything in one place. It acts as a single notification hub for your workplace.
  • Powerful search. When you create a lot of messages daily, you’ll have to search for them quite frequently. Slack allows searching through messages and files, and even the content within the files. More precisely, you can search through Google Docs, Office and Dropbox files that you shared in Slack. There are advanced search operators (such as quotation marks) that let you search for a specific phrase, for example.

Okay, now that was enough about Slack, let’s take a look at some of the top Slack alternatives. Hopefully, you’ll find the one that suits your needs the best.

Chanty team is sharing their feedback after actually trying out the #SlackAlternatives.

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The top Slack alternatives


It’s our blog, after all, so we’re putting Chanty as the first one on this list. We’ve been building Chanty for the past 6 years as the strongest Slack alternative out there. Putting our love for technology and communication together, we’ve created an app that people love using. If you haven’t tried Chanty yet, this up-and-coming team chat app is definitely worth your time.

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (2)

Chanty vs Slack. How is it different?

The main goal of Chanty is to create an intuitive experience for our users. For this reason, we focused on making our onboarding and user interface as simple and clean as possible. You may get the feeling that using Slack is getting more complicated, with more features being added every day. At Chanty, we want to keep the right balance between features and usability. This is why we stay simple but also have enough powerful features which teams need to work effectively.

Compared to Slack, Chanty ismore affordable (up to 75% cheaper) and doesn’t limit messaging history.

Chanty also comes with a built-in task manager – you can turn any message into a task, assign it to your team member and get notified when it’s done.

Chanty offers audio and video calling with screen sharing.

You can view all your files, links, tasks and conversations in our Teambook.

By the way, there are unlimited messages, even in the freemium plan. That means that you can have an unlimited number of messages and search for them. On the other side, Slack only allows access to the past 90 days of message history in their free plan.

Here is a neat video on how you can use Chanty to improve your team’s productivity:
Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (3)
In the past few months, Chanty has rolled out a number of useful features. You can now connect a large number of apps using our Zapier integration. Moreover, you can use high-quality audio and video calls with your team members. Also you can send voice messages besides just writing text.

(Video) 8 Best Slack Alternatives

We are strong believers in work-life balance. We continue improving our app so you can spend less time working and more time getting some rest. Feel free to give Chanty a try, we look forward to your feedback!😊


Unlike some of the other tools we tested, ClickUp did not begin as a video conference or chat app. Instead, it took a task-first approach to work management and collaboration, incorporating chat as a direct part of a broader project management system. Their goal is to be the “one app to replace them all,” aiming to either replace or integrate will all your other tools to help you keep track of all your work from one place.

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (4)

ClickUp vs Slack: what’s the difference?

ClickUp and Slack take opposite approaches to workplace collaboration. While Slack begins from the perspective of messages and notifications, ClickUp begins with the work being done and builds its messages and notifications on top of that.

Here’s what makes ClickUp different from Slack:

  • Includes a full project management functionality, including multiple project views to improve how your team collaborates (Table view, Board view, Gantt view, Calendar view, Whiteboards).
  • Messages and notifications are directly tied to specific tasks or ongoing projects.
  • Gives you a place to store files, notes, or reminders (that does not require your to send them to yourself), and includes a search function to help you find them later.

Our experience using ClickUp

We asked the ClickUp team which features Slack users might be interested in exploring, and they did not disappoint. To begin with, ClickUp offers a built-in chat feature that operates similarly to a Slack channel but can be added anywhere within the ClickUp hierarchy to discuss ongoing projects.

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (5)

In addition to this Chat feature, ClickUp lets you add chat-like comments on any of its tasks, Docs, or whiteboards. This is especially useful when paired with Assigned Comments, which turn chats or comments into action items for you or your team that can be tracked towards completion alongside ongoing tasks or projects.

ClickUp also has granular notification settings that help you control exactly when and how you receive notifications – not just for tasks or projects, but for assigned comments or “@ mentions” as well. While ClickUp does not have the same “chat” feel that Slack does, it is very effective at driving conversations about work towards actionable outcomes.

It’s not all sunshine and roses, however. Some ClickUp users have complained about noticeable slowdowns, and while their SVP of Engineering addressed these concerns in a blog post, it is difficult to estimate when these changes will be implemented. Unless you’re planning on importing a library’s worth of information into ClickUp, you probably won’t have to worry.

ClickUp summary

You will like ClickUp if:

  • You need to keep track of all your work in a single place, with a single platform, or via integrations.
  • You want to collaborate on work from the same place you are tracking it.
  • You work with dispersed or remote teams.
  • You’re ready for a new approach to workplace collaboration.


Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (6)

Pumble is an excellent Slack alternative that allows teams of all sizes to collaborate for free.

It enables real-time communication through 1-on-1 and groups direct messages, as well as public and invitation-only channels. Additionally, Pumble users can easily share files, save messages and set reminders about important tasks. When sending text messages is not practical, users can take advantage of sending voice messages or making voice and video calls with a screen-sharing option.

Pumble vs. Slack: What’s the difference?

Compared with Slack, Pumble provides a better cost-value ratio, which is the main reason why users switch to this business messaging app, aside from an easy and user-friendly approach to communication.

On top of that, unlike Slack, Pumble lets you see message history for free, as well as provides self-hosting options for maximum data security.

Namely, while Slack offers access to the past 90 days of message history and file storage, Pumble users see the entire message history of all conversations from the beginning for free.

Furthermore, in Pumble’s free plan users have 10GB of free storage space for the whole workspace.

Considering the price comparison between Pumble PRO and Slack Basic plan, Pumble PRO is a far more affordable option, since it costs only $1.99 per month, while Slack charges $8 monthly per user.

However, while Slack allows 3rd party app integrations, Pumble still doesn’t have this feature (it’s in the planning stage).

Our experience using Pumble

Generally speaking, Pumble is very similar to Slack in terms of user-friendliness and functionality, but far more affordable than Slack. Plus, it’s very easy to sign up and set up.

Unlimited free chat history is undoubtedly the greatest advantage, which is very important for many departments. There’s also a notification preferences feature, which allows you to customize web and mobile notifications and schedule messages.

The quality of both voice and video calls is excellent, but there’s still no option for group calling.

Pumble Summary

You should opt for Pumble if:

  • You want a more affordable team messaging app than Slack
  • You need maximum data security
  • You need to keep track of conversation history from the beginning
  • You want an easy-to-use and user-friendly messaging app


The first thing you should know about Fleep is that you can send a message to anyone who uses this app. All you need to know is their email and you can connect with any Fleep user out there. In theory, this app should fit somewhere between email and a team chat app. Instead of creating a sandbox such as Slack, Fleep’s idea is that you can communicate with anyone who uses the app.

Fleep vs. Slack – how do they stack up?

We personally asked the Fleep staff about the differences between Fleep and Slack. This is what they answered us:

  1. Fleep is an open network and you can chat with anyone who’s using the app. If you want to be a member of several teams or projects at once, you need one account only. In Slack, you need an account for each team you’re in.
  2. Fleep is completely free if you don’t need admin controls, i.e. you don’t need to control your company’s accounts and conversations. The cheapest paid package is called Fleep for Business and it costs 5 Euros per user per month.
  3. In the free Fleep package, you get unlimited message history and unlimited integrations.

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (7)

Our experience using Fleep

The way that Fleep is set up, with users being in the focus, actually makes it more complicated for use in teams. It’s similar to Skype but with the option of sending and receiving emails. This isn’t such a bad idea, but then again, Skype is not ideal for team communication.

Just like Slack, Fleep also has the option to send a message to yourself. In other words, you can click on your own name and send yourself a note or copy and paste a link so you can save it for later. Fleep has the same option and you can create unlimited monologues with yourself. It’s kind of easy to get lost in them, but the good news is that you have the option.

Fleep summary

You should use Fleep if:

You communicate more outside of your team than with your team members

You’re not a fan of emails

– You need more than access to the past 90 days of message history in Slack for the free plan

(Video) 5 Best Slack Alternatives To Consider For Your Workspace | Reticent Shadow

– You require more than 10 app integrations for work on a free plan


Founded in 2014 in India, Flock is a messaging app that has been around almost as long as Slack. Besides standard messages, it supports group chat, video and audio calls, screen sharing and more. You also get polls and to-do lists, which require third-party integrations in Slack. Flock is available in several languages, including Spanish and Portuguese.

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (8)

Flock vs Slack. What’s better?

We went and asked the guys from Flock what makes them better than Slack. Here are some of their points:

Flock claims to have a better UI than Slack. We decided to test this out and we spent a week using Flock. We found out that the 5-column interface can be a bit complicated.

According to load time and file sharing tests, Flock is faster than Slack.

Flock is cheaper than Slack, with plans starting at $4.5 per user per month.

Flock offers a limited 10,000 searchable message history and unlimited integrations in the free plan.

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (9)

Our experience with Flock

Compared to other team chat apps on this list, we’ve used Flock the longest. The interface and design are pretty good. We especially loved their parakeet green color for the app. As mentioned before, the interface is split up in 5 columns, which is a bit too busy. However, Flock turned out to be fairly easy to use.

We had one big issue though – we lost our message history one day and couldn’t access it for over 8 hours. It happened on the third day of testing Flock. We couldn’t access a single private or channel message, which slowed us down for the day significantly.

Flock summary

You should use Flock if…

The disappearing message history in Slack makes you mad

You don’t mind being left without your message history for more than 8 hours

You want a cheaper price than Slack

You want a Spanish or Portuguese interface in your team chat app

You want more than 10 integrations that Slack Freemium offers

Microsoft Teams

The main target audience for Teams is the enterprise sector. However, it obviously had some inspiration from Slack, judging by the way it looks and feels, so we decided to take it for a spin.

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (10)

Microsoft Teams vs. Slack. Are they similar at all?

One of the biggest selling points of Microsoft Teams is that the app seamlessly integrates with Office 365. This makes it especially useful if you already depend on this suite for your daily operations. The great news is, if you purchase a Microsoft Office 365 package, you’ll get Microsoft Teams included, all for $12.5 per user per month. If you want just Teams, it’s $5 per user per month.

If you’re interested, we have an in-depth comparison of Microsoft Teams vs Slack on our blog.

Try Chanty all-in-one team collaboration platform to increase work productivity by 55%

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Our experience using Microsoft Teams

Setting up this app was not an easy task. We assigned it to the most patient guy on our team, who spent an entire day setting it up as part of the Office 365 Business Premium package. If a guy with over 15 years of experience in development can’t install and set up an app within a day, something’s not right.

Particularly annoying is the fact that you have to set up a unique email for each user in your team, such as user@teamname.onmicrosoft.com which you have to use every time when you log in. If you forget your email or password (which happened to me, twice), tough luck – it’s another 30 minutes of struggle to get them back.

If you want to properly set up Teams by yourself, make sure to have an experienced admin on your team. And by the way, as of recently, the app supports drag-and-drop uploads.

Microsoft Teams is a great product. However, the user experience leaves much to be desired. According to our team, although it is difficult to set it up, Teams meets their business needs.
Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (11)

Microsoft Teams summary

You should use this app if:

You already have a contract with Microsoft and have no choice but to use this app

You have no problem with technical obstacles when using apps

You use other Office 365 products every day

You have a boatload of patience

(Video) Slack In 2022 - Still The Best Collaboration Software?

Searchable message history in Slack is only 10K in a free plan. The good news: message history is unlimited in @Chanty.

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An award-winningbusiness collaboration app, an easy-to-use interface, and an almost never-ending list of features are the USPs of ProofHub. Besides standard Group chat, ProofHub also provides its users with a dedicated space where they can carry out real-time discussions. You also get an online proofing tool, which is fantastic if your team has to collaborate quite often on creative files. The tool is available in more than half a dozen languages, which makes it truly global.

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (12)

ProofHub vs Slack: which one stands out

ProofHub stands out for being a lot more than just a simple communication tool. It has an easy-to-use interface, with features that can help teams in overall work management.

Here’s how ProofHub stands out from Slack:

  • Makes working in teams easy as teams can create custom workflows using Kanban boards.

  • Brings flexibility in the way teams can work with its multiple project views (Table view, Board view, Timeline view, Calendar view).

  • Helps in keeping things organized with in-built Note-taking and advanced file management capabilities.

  • All-in-one tool for planning, collaboration, and keeping work organized.

  • Built in calendar and time tracking software to help manage all your tasks.
  • Simple, no per-user pricing (unlimited users and unlimited projects) means that ProofHub proves to be a highly cost-effective option where you don’t have to pay for standalone tools for every team member.

Our experience using ProofHub

As a communication tool, ProofHub allows to carry out one-to-one conversations, as well as group chats. You can share files, links, use emojis and carry out all the basic functionalities that are available in Slack.

However, when compared to Slack, ProofHub has an advantage of having some top project and task management capabilities.

For instance, it has online proofing features that make collaboration on creative files a breeze. It has this really cool feature called Quickies in which you can add quick links or jot down random information to keep it handy – it works just like quick notes.

The interface is super-easy to use, and in spite of having all the advanced features this all-in-one project management and team collaboration software has little to no learning curve.

ProofHub summary

ProofHub is definitely a must-have app if:

  • You use a number of apps for managing your daily tasks.

  • You are tired of paying for a per-member subscription for all the apps.

  • You want your team communication tool to be as easy-to-use as possible.
  • You want a tool that can help you with more than just communication.Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (13)


Launched in 2015, Ryver came into the team chat app game when Slack was already doing great. To get the upper hand, Ryver decided to attack Slack by using Twitter ads.

The main selling point of Ryver is the combination of team communication and task management. It’s something like putting Slack and Trello together. The idea of this mix sounded interesting, so we were eager to try it.

Ryver vs. Slack – what’s the difference?

According to the Ryver team, having both communication and task management in a single tool is crucial for productivity. Besides the native task management feature, they also have integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox and Box, so you can choose and upload files directly from the cloud. The app allegedly integrates with more than 2000+ different apps through Zapier.

Compared with Slack, setting up Zapier is much more complicated. Each integration you set up has to be tested, which can take quite a bit of time and a few errors. In case you’re interested, we wrote an in-depth comparison of the two tools on our blog. The main takeaway is that Slack’s search options, notification management and integrations are much more advanced and intuitive.

Of course, price is one of the main considerations. The freemium Slack plan is fairly limited, so you will have to switch to a Pro plan (starting at $7.25 per user per month) or Business+ (from $12.50 per user per month). Ryver’s pricing has changed over the years and since December 2018 they no longer have a freemium version, even for small teams. The tool costs $69 per month for teams up to 12 users and $129 per month for up to 30 users. They offer a medium pack for $4.69 user/month for teams with 30+ users. You can get the Enterprise package too with custom price.

Ryver also comes with audio and video calls as native features. We tested them out and the quality was pretty good. However, there were no advanced call features. You cannot record calls (like in Microsoft Teams) or react with emojis to what a colleague has said in the call (like in Slack). However, the quality was pretty good.

(Video) SLACK ALTERNATIVE! How To Use Rock.so For Project Managements & Communication!

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (14)

Chanty team is testing video calls in Ryver

In Slack, there is a limit of 15 people in audio and video calls. If that’s not enough, you can use any video conferencing tool for meetings with your entire team.

Our experience using Ryver

The first time I opened Ryver, it seemed confusing and not very intuitive. What’s the difference between Forums and Teams? What do I do with All Hands? Tasks were split up under Task Stream and Personal Tasks. Overall, the user experience seemed like it could be much better.

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (15)

Ryver’s user interface

Ryver conversations are organized in Open forums, Private teams and Direct messages, similar to Slack. Also, there are Topics, similar to threads in Slack.

We also tried the task management part of the app, which didn’t go as smoothly as planned. I wasn’t able to assign tasks to my colleagues from the messages that I sent to them. Search results couldn’t find any forums or teams I was looking for, while the Assign field was disabled. Therefore, I couldn’t assign a task to any team members.

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (16)I created ‘SMM’ Team in Ryver

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (17)I couldn’t find it when setting up a task

I asked the Ryver support team and they said that Tasks have to be initialized before using them. To do this, you need to click on Tasks within a Team or a Forum.

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (18)“Tasks” tab within a Team

This didn’t seem all that intuitive and it wasn’t so easy to figure out what we had to do.

Ryver summary

You should use Ryver if…

You like using Kanban for your projects

You don’t mind potential UI and UX issues

You need lots of integrations and you’re already paying for Zapier

– You prefer a flat rate plan rather than a per member per month plan (not sure if needed)

Google Chat

Google Chat available as a part of the Google Workspace package and it’s deeply integrated with the rest of the Google Workspace tools. One of the major perks is being able to view files from Drive and Docs directly in conversations.

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (19)Google Chat interface

Similar to Slack, there is a dedicated space for group conversations in Google Chat. It’s called Rooms and it’s something like a channel in Slack. Also, you can send private and group messages within the tool. There are more than 50 integrations available, including tools such as Asana, Box and Zendesk, but there is no Zapier integration.

Google Chat vs. Slack – which works better?

First of all, Google Chat doesn’t have a free version of the app, unlike Slack. Second, Google Chat organizes communication in threads, while Slack has public channels.

Third, all Rooms in Google Chat are private by default. Unless you invite someone to a room, no one in your Google Workspace can view or join it. On the other hand, when you create a channel in Slack, you can choose if it’s private or public.

Our experience using Google Chat

When we explored Google Chat, we found some pretty unique features. For example, there is a Smart Reply feature, similar to what you have in your Gmail inbox. When you start typing, Smart Reply will suggest the right word or phrase to you.

However, the notification settings aren’t all that great. There are no notifications specific to rooms and there are no time settings for the Do Not Disturb mode. However, you can adjust your settings for web, desktop, mobile, and email applications.

Our Team's Feedback on 8 Slack Alternatives | Chanty (20)Notification settings in Google Chat

Google Chat summary

When comparing their functionality, Google Chat seems not to be as good as Slack, but it is fairly easy to use.

If you have a Google Workspace subscription, using Google’s messaging platform seems like a reasonable choice. However, bear in mind that you cannot use Google Chat for free.

If you do choose this app, you need to be comfortable with using Threads to communicate. Also, make sure to check if your favorite integrations are supported.

Will Google Chat replace Slack at some point? It’s difficult to say.

The result

The Chanty team has used different team chat apps for several weeks.Our goal with Chanty is to create a team chat and collaboration tool that ranks higher than the competition. We want to create something that is easy to set up and most importantly something that meets all your business needs at work. Feel free to give it a try and let us know what you think!

Take your team to next level of productivity with Chanty

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Video calls
  • Kanban task manager
  • Guest users

Please, enter a valid email

(Video) Best Alternative to Slack!🔥|| Rock.so App Review!|| Best Project Management and Communication App!🔥


What is the best Slack alternative? ›

List of the best Slack alternatives
  1. Microsoft Teams. With over 270 million daily active users, Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming one of the main Slack teams alternatives in the enterprise communication space. ...
  2. Chanty. ...
  3. Ryver. ...
  4. Rocket. ...
  5. Discord. ...
  6. Google Meet. ...
  7. RingCentral Video. ...
  8. Pumble.
Nov 27, 2022

What is the teams equivalent of Slack channel? ›

The “teams” replace the “channels” menu-section from Slack. Each team can have different channels to keep communication separate for different projects (one of Slack's main selling points). If you've used Slack before, the channels aren't the only way the UI will remind you of Slack when you first open it.

Is there a free alternative to Slack? ›

Access all your messages without time limit

“Pumble is easy to use - if you've used Slack, you already know everything you need to about Pumble. But, crucially, Pumble allows unlimited message history in the free version.

What is the cheapest Slack alternative? ›

Top 20 Slack Alternatives
  • Rocket. Chat.
  • Fleep.
  • Element.
  • Twist.
  • Ryver.
  • Mattermost.
  • Missive.
  • Hive.
Jan 26, 2023

What are the disadvantages of using Slack? ›

Disadvantages of Slack

Notifications: If an employee is part of a channel, they receive notifications for each bit of activity that happens as a part of this channel. This is rather distracting when trying to work. Distraction: Slack also has the potential to be a major distraction.

Can Microsoft Teams replace Slack? ›

Generally speaking, Teams is good for large businesses, whereas some of its strengths might go unused with smaller teams. Slack is the better option if you want flexibility in choosing apps and add-ons, use messaging more than calls, and want the best customization options for notifications.

Why did Microsoft Teams beat Slack? ›

Customization: Slack offers more customization options, including the ability to create custom apps and integrations, while Teams focuses more on integration with Microsoft tools. Search and Archiving: Both Teams and Slack offer search and archiving capabilities, but Teams also includes eDiscovery for legal compliance.

Is there a Slack app for Teams? ›

Install the Microsoft Teams Calls app to Slack

Any member with permission to add apps can install the Microsoft Teams Calls app to your workspace. Once the app is installed, anyone in your workspace can connect their Office 365 account to Slack to use it.

Is Slack still the best? ›

Slack is one of the best team messaging apps, and it's a PCMag Editors' Choice winner. Although many people adore Slack, it's not without its drawbacks. Chiefly among them, it costs more than just about every other team messaging app out there, and that was true long before the September 2022 price increase.

What is Google's equivalent to Slack? ›

Like many providers of workplace communications, Google now has a Slack alternative. Google Chat is the team communications app offered by Google. It has many features similar to Slack like direct messaging, group conversations, file sharing, and video meetings.

Is trello better than Slack? ›

While both applications are used for managing projects or workflow, they don't serve the same functions. Trello makes it easy for teams to organize projects; Slack is more of an instant messaging application with certain task management features.

Should I use Asana or Slack? ›

If you are looking for a workplace communication tool to make it easy for team members to communicate in real-time, Slack is your best bet. If, on the other hand, you want to track projects, assign tasks and monitor deadlines, then Asana will better meet your needs.


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Introduction: My name is Madonna Wisozk, I am a attractive, healthy, thoughtful, faithful, open, vivacious, zany person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.