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RECAP: 2/22/17 The 100

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Uncle Ben was right: With great power comes great responsibility. But unlike Spider-Man, Clarke doesn’t have superpowers. She does have power — she’s a strong leader, and she’s never shied away from that. But following “A Lie Guarded” (and basically every big decision she’s ever had to make), it would be understandable if she did just want to step away from it.

Luna, on the other hand, has a bit of a superpower in her blood. After healing from ARS thanks to her nightblood, Luna has the opportunity to save all of humanity. She has a great responsibility, but she’s not eager to exercise it. And that could mean the end of the world.

But it’s not all sturm und drang! Jasper might be a bit unhinged, but he does make life interesting. Episode 4 starts with him up to his old pranks: Jaha wakes up on a mattress in the middle of the lake next to Arkadia. “It looks like you got floated,” Jasper yells at him as everyone laughs. Jaha himself chuckles — and even Clarke cracks a smile.

Things turn dark quickly, though… literally. Clouds roll in, and, worried that it’s black rain, they all run inside to shelter. But not Jasper. He stands outside, opens his mouth, lets the rain run in, and begins to choke. Harper has to physically hold Monty back from running out to save him. But Jasper starts laughing that he tricked them all — it’s regular rain. I guess if this isn’t the time for gallows humor, when is?

After the rain subsides, Monty and Jasper rig up another prank in the chancellor’s office, which Clarke is using in Kane’s absence. While they’re setting up the prank, Jasper finds The List. Monty doesn’t understand why Jasper would care what happens since he’s eager for the world to end. “Clarke’s deciding who’s worth saving,” Jasper explains. And the last time she did that, he lost Maya. It’s understandable that it’s still a trigger point for him.

Clarke enters right then and gets fire extinguisher foam to the face. (Was this a juvenile prank? Yes. Did I laugh anyway? Also yes.) Jasper yells at her for trying to play god and then tries to use the intercom to announce her plans to all of Arkadia. Clarke shock-batons him before he gets the word out, though. Then she asks Miller’s dad to lock Jasper up, and man, this feels eerily similar to Jaha on the Ark.

Monty won’t even talk to her. She thinks he’s upset that he’s not on the list (there were too many other engineers for him to make the cut), but it’s about Harper not being on the list. He wants her to tell everyone the truth. “Maybe they’ll surprise you,” he says, but she thinks it’s too risky.

So Monty decides for her. He goes over to the rover intercom and starts reading out the names on The List. Monty, how dare you! And, Clarke, how dare you put people on the list we’ve never even heard of! Crowds quickly gather — obviously — and question her reasoning. She tries to explain why she picked some and not others. For instance, she had to pick young, strong females who could reproduce and help repopulate the Earth. Harper didn’t make the cut because her dad had an illness, one she could get, and that would make her a drain on medical resources.

Once people see that Clarke and Bellamy are on the list, they really start to get angry. But of all people, Jaha is able to settle them. He says that everyone should have a shot at survival, so they’ll hold a lottery. As long as they work toward fixing the ship, they can have a chance to survive in it. Happy with this solution, everyone disperses and gets back to work, which frankly would not be my reaction after finding out I might be dying in two months.

When the two of them are alone, Jaha tells Clarke he isn’t trying to undermine her — he just knows that their people need to have something to fight for. “The list was pragmatic,” he explains, “but the people need to feel like they have a say in their fate.” I don’t know about y’all, but I’m really starting to like this teacher-mentor relationship. This third (fourth?) iteration of Jaha is the best so far.

Once things settle, Clarke goes to the holding cell and releases Jasper. She tells him what happened, how everyone knows the truth. “What a shame,” he says. “You were giving Jaha a run for his money… Jaha-Lite.” But she has a new respect for Jaha, and, as Jasper points out, that in itself is worrisome. Although, Jasper doesn’t have time for grudges anymore: “Someday, when all of this is over, you’re going to realize that foam bit was funny.” (It really was.)

NEXT: There’s no pranking at Polis

Where was Bellamy during all this Arkadia drama, you ask? Well, Clarke informed us at the top of the episode that he went out on a hunting party. Unfortunately, he got captured by Echo and her people, who take him before Roan. Kane has just been invited there, too. See, Bellamy’s hunting partner, Stevens, spilled the beans about how Clark and Co. are rebuilding the ship and how everyone won’t fit. Roan is pissed. Kane tries to explain how the ship is just a backup and the real plan is turning everyone nightblood, but that just makes the Ice Nationers more angry. “That’s blasphemy,” Echo says. It’s a pretty dramatic flip for Roan since just last episode he was working alongside Skaikru so comfortably, but I guess a short temper is to be expected from an Azgeda.

Case in point, Echo chops off Stevens’ head. Roan says this is the first casualty in the Azgeda war against Skaikru and Trikru. Completely unaware of this, Octavia walks into the Trikru embassy to find everyone dead. Well, one person is on the brink of death, and he tells her what’s happening: Indra fled to Trikru to warn their people, and she should run, too.

Octavia takes off on her horse (this horse needs a name), but Echo and her other spy-warriors catch up to her. She’s able to escape them for a bit, but when she finds herself at a cliff, she has to fight hand to hand. It’s three against one, but Octavia puts up a good fight. After O takes out two of the warriors, Echo tells her that Roan wants her alive, but she’s ready to fight to the death… and she almost does. Echo is able to get in a stab to the stomach, which causes Octavia to fall from the world’s tallest cliff.

But don’t worry! She survived a fall from space — she can survive this. At the end of the episode, her horse finds her washed up downstream and takes her home. (I love this horse.)

Unfortunately, though, Echo doesn’t see her miraculous recovery. As far as she knows, O died. Treating her like the true warrior she is/was, Echo says “Your fight is over, Octavia of the Sky People.” And then she goes to the jail, where she tells Bellamy that his sister died in a good death. We know she’s okay, but it’s still hard to watch Bellamy deal with this loss. Please, please, please [prayer hands emoji] don’t let this be the return of Bad Bellamy.

Meanwhile, the world’s weirdest boat excursion is happening. Abby has taken Jackson, Raven, Luna, Nyko, Emori, Murphy, Miller, and some random guard to Alie’s island. Jaha says she has a lab there, where they can find out more about nightblood. As is wont to happen on road trips, there’s fighting. Raven, still angry about his thievery from last week, tells her least favorite person: “You’re not fooling anyone, Murphy. You’re still a dick.”

But he quickly proves her wrong. Once they pass a white barrier, one Emori says is a line no mutants should cross, Alie’s drones start firing at them. The random guard gets shot in the head. They all try to run for cover, but Raven obviously can’t. Murphy runs over and helps her, confirming what we’ve all suspected for three years: Murphy really is a good guy at heart.

But, sadly, not everyone makes it out okay. In order to protect Luna, Nyko uses his own body as a shield from the bullets. Before anyone can even react, Luna disappears. Abby says that their No. 1 priority is finding Luna. They split up to find her, but Raven has to stay in place. She sees that one of the downed drones nearby is still active. She tries to get to it in order to disable all of them, but she can’t make it without attracting the attention of other drones.

She needs help, and she gets it in the form of Luna, who is back and trying to walk to the boat. Raven runs to the boundary line and gets across before a drone can take her out. She tells Luna how much they need her, but Luna feels like a prisoner. Just like her escape from nightblood before, Luna doesn’t want “the fight” to become all she is. But Raven is able to get her to see that if someone like Adria is good, there must be other good people out there — and Luna has the opportunity to do good for them.

Raven’s words work, and so Luna helps her by grabbing the downed drone. Raven is able to hack it and turn off all the drones, thereby allowing Abby, Jackson, Miller, Murphy, and Emori to come out of hiding and walk to the lab. Hopefully, this place holds the answers they need because time is running out.

100 (or just 5) extras:

  • Riley sighting! Riley sighting!
  • Kane pulled Octavia from his protection detail, which is why she wasn’t taken captive by Roan at the same time. Kane wants her to know that her killing ways are not acceptable for a warrior — he even invokes the name of Lincoln, but she isn’t ready to hear it. I, for one, am okay with that. Badass Assassin Octavia is so great.
  • Roan intends to take Arkadia for himself. Fending off Azgeda warriors is really going to slow down the restoration process, eh?
  • Jackson got hit by a drone bullet. Maybe they shouldn’t have sent two out of their two doctors into a danger zone? Just a thought for the future.
  • How cool was that futuristic music playing when they entered the lab? Bravo, Tree Adams, bravo.
  • Emori said there are things on the island worse than the drones. SMOKE MONSTERS???

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